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  • A custom story book in which your child is the story's hero

    Each personalized children story book is unique and it is customized for your child.

    The hero of the customized book has your child name, has the same age, interacts with people from real life (mother, father, siblings or friends), the action takes place in child's place of living, receives proffered presents and will also see a photo and a message from you included in the book. The custom personalized book is a special memory that will be rediscovered all the time with joy.

    Why is it an extraordinary story book?

    To access the gallery containing pages of the customized books please use the links bellow:

    Give your child a magical custom personalized story book!

  • The only 3D personalized story book in the world

    A great and unique present that will be specially created for your kid who will become a story hero.

    Discovering themselves in the book along family and friends, children will read more and will be captivated by the adventures in which they are present while finding about magical creatures and above all meeting The Magic Dwarf named "PLEASE".

    The story will increase creativity and develop children personality and self confidence by placing the kid in an entertaining action along real people.

    The 3D version of the story book includes tridimensional graphics that, by using anaglyph glasses (red/cyan), will create spectacular 3D scenes. The action will get from the book's pages to the reality in front of the child.

    Scroll to the left or right to see how personalized books look like. Zoom the images by clicking on them..

    • The cover of the 2D book made for James

    • The cover of the 2D book made for Kelly

    • The first page of the book offered by Arthur's parents.

    • Custom story book created for Kelly - 4 years and 2 months.

    • The cover of the 3D book made for James.

    • The Magic Dwarf in Anna's custom 3D book.

    • The personalized book made for Tom from Boston.

    • Coloring page from the book made for Alex from New York.

    • Custom story book got by Kelly from Lisa and Jack

    • Arthur learns how to guide himself in the forest.

    • Clara can start coloring his book.

    • Caroline will now learn from the old Forest Spirit..

    • The 3D book in which Alex can see himself in three dimensions.

    • The 3D book made for Sophie.

    • The 3D book made especially for Mary.

    • The Magic Dwarf appears in Caroline's 3D book.

    • James told Emily about his great discovery.

    • Caroline lets Frank know about the Magic Dwarf's powers.

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  • How do i order a custom made story book for kids?

    • To order a personalized unique story book for kids please go to the ORDER BOOK section of the website.

    How do I pay for this customized story book?

    • The custom made unique story books are electronic books in PDF format. The personalized books that we can make for you are 2D (colored and also coloring enabled) or 3D (with special effects that can be seen with standard anaglyph glasses(red/cyan) - not included). The payment for the books can be made online, securely, using your Credit/Debit Card. The book will be available immediately for you in your Internet browser. We will also email you the download link for the book so you can easily print it or use it on a different device(mobile phone, tablet, etc)

    How will i receive my customized book?

    • After providing the information required to uniquely create your book and paying for the product using your Credit/Debit Card, you will have instantly access to the book that was created specially for your kid. You can print the book on A4 papers (landscape mode) or download the .PDF file which contains the customized book in order to access it anytime on a mobile phone, a tablet or another computer. You should have received an email containing the link to your unique story book. Please check the Inbox and Spam folders of the email address you provided in the ordering form. If you have not received your book please contact us at CarteaMea3D@gmail.
  • Confirmation of order for a personalized custom story book for kids.

    • Thank you for ordering a custom made, personalized children e-book (PDF format)

    • The electronic story book that we custom made for your kid is available at the web address that you received in the email we've sent. If you could not find the email from us in your INBOX folder please check the SPAM section also. If you have not received your book please contact us at CarteaMea3D@gmail.com

      Using the link you have received in the email you can view the personalized story book, download it or print it.

    • The PDF file containing your unique book will be available on our website for 30 days.

    • If you can not download, view or print the book, please write us at our email address CarteaMea3D@gmail.com

  • Confirmare comanda carte personalizata format tiparit

    • Iti multumim pentru comanda cartii de povesti personalizate in format tiparit!

    • Cartile tiparite (2D si carte de colorat sau 2D si 3D Personalized and three-dimensional) vor fi expediate prin Posta Romana in ziua lucratoare urmatoare plasarii comenzii. Cartile 3D vor include in colet ochelarii anaglifici speciali.

    • Timpul necesar livrarii este de aproximativ 4 zile lucratoare. Coletul va fi expediat la adresa si pe numele care au fost introduse in formularul de comanda. Costul total al livrarii este de 14 LEI si este inclus in suma totala de plata (ramburs sau plata online).
      Posta Romana va trimite o instiintare scrisa solicitand prezenta la oficiul postal de care apartii pentru a primi coletul.

    • Chiar daca nu ai primit instiintarea in cutia postala, la 7 zile dupa comanda, poti solicita coletul de la oficiul postal de care apartii.

    • Daca nu ai primit instiintarea scrisa sau coletul nu se afla la oficiul postal dupa mai mult de 10 zile de la data comenzii, te rugam sa ne scrii la adresa de email CarteaMea3D@gmail.com .

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